Tuning & Service

Piano Solutions is an authorized service center for the brands we carry.

In addition to providing service through our on-site restoration shop, we maintain relationships with piano technicians throughout the state to provide in-home service for both acoustic and digital pianos, as well as organs, synthesizers and other music production equipment.

In-home Services

  • Tune
  • Voice
  • Pitch Raise
  • Regulation & Cleaning
  • Humidity Control
  • Repair
  • Keytop Replacement
  • Piano Detailing
  • Digital Instrument Repair

A standard tuning begins at $135. If a pitch raise is needed, an additional fee will be assessed. However, any further service work beyond what is initially scheduled will be discussed with you, and a fee agreed upon, before work is begun.

Contact us to request a tuning or service

+ If institutional, please provide PO#, person authorized to approve service and any other pertinent information such as building number, etc.