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Carmel Piano Movers & Storage

A division of Piano Solutions.

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Carmel Piano Movers specializes in moving and transporting pianos, organs, harpsichords and other fine instruments throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

Our passion for music is a key reason why we’re a recognized leader in the moving and care of pianos and our service is what sets us apart from other moving companies. With thousands of moving parts, pianos need special care when being moved. Don’t trust your investment with an inexperienced mover—contact us today!

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Piano Moving

Moving a piano requires special equipment and expertise to protect it from damage, ensuring its sentimental and financial value. We move only musical instruments and have the specialized experience to ensure that your piano is handled with extraordinary care. Over the years our skilled movers have transported some truly unique and historic instruments and are trained to take every precaution to protect your instrument as well as your home’s interior walls and floors.

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Piano Storage

We offer short- and long-term storage in a secure, insured and climate-controlled environment. If you are in between homes, or in the middle of a renovation or estate settlement you can feel confident in entrusting us to the security of your instrument.

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