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Are you downsizing?
Is your piano player no longer living at home?

At Piano Solutions, we make it easy to sell, trade or consign your piano. We assess each piano on a case-by-case basis and will get back with you within one business day regarding how we're able to help you with your piano.

Over the years we've found that It can be difficult to advise a potential seller that their piano has little or no value - especially when it has an emotional value to that person. But, unfortunately, there are some pianos that are hard to find buyers for in the current piano marketplace. Apart from a few exceptions, most spinets, older upright pianos, and roll-style player pianos can be difficult to sell.

Please note: Piano Solutions is located in Indiana. We may not be able to consider your piano if it is not located within reasonable geographic distance to be picked up.

Fill out the following form to tell us more about your piano.

There's no obligation involved with the inquiry. Be certain to include photos of the piano! We're able to assist you best if the images include a wide shot, a photo of the piano's interior, and a close-up of the keys and brand name. For example: