The Harmony Director lets you demonstrate to your students how their individual notes fit into complete chords. It allows you to teach them through examples rather than words alone, the kind of harmonic understanding that takes many years of experience to develop. The Harmony Director can help your ensemble move from good to outstanding.
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Piano Solutions offers special pricing for educators and our exclusive Full Trade-up Guarantee on the Yamaha HD-200.

Easy Operation: Part of the HD-200’s power is its ease-of-use and friendly interface. With two LCD screens and intuitive “one touch” operations, the HD-200 empowers educators in teaching intonation and ensemble timing to high levels quicker than conventional means.

Tone: 10 voices, including piano for accompaniment

32 Note Polyphony

Octave Slider – Choose up to 4 octaves

Figure Slider Adjust the attack, release and brightness to demonstrate to players the desired tonal image

Hold Button Show the differences of harmony changes caused by modifications to pitch and volume


Temperaments Selection Switch on Equal, Pure Major or Pure Minor with a single button press

Pitch and Volume Adjustment Modify the pitch of each of 12 notes in 0.1 cent increments up to +55 cents,  Change the volume of each of 12 notes from -15 to +5

One Button Transposition to C, B, E & F Metronome: Up to 6 note subdivisions including quarter note triplet Programmable up to 8 presets Tap Tempo Easily set the tempo using the tap tempo feature

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