Fully Adjustable Dolly for Remaining installed on a Digital Piano Expands length 47″ to 68″ in width Expands Depth 15″ to 22″ Tubular steel Construction Double Wheel Rear single locking front wheels Center plate to support the pedal structure of any Digital piano measuring 9 1/4″ to 15″ in pedal deminsions PIANO SOLUTIONS OFFERS ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION FOR ALL PIANO TRANSPORTERS AND ACCESSORIES. Contact us at (317) 582-1946 for further information!

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If you are looking for an easy solution to move a digital upright piano, This incredible and durable model is the right choice. This is a fully adjustable dolly that can be permanently installed under a digital upright piano, allowing the instrument to be moved safely over many different types of surfaces. One size fits all. Width adjustable from 47” to 68” Depth adjustable from 15” to 22” Tubular steel construction Black powder coat finish “Double Wheel” rear casters and two single wheel front casters with locks for safety. Features 9 ¼” X 15” metal center plate to support the pedals. NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT US PRIOR TO ORDERING THIS ITEM. WE WAN YOU HAPPY AND WOULD LIKE TO CONFIRM THE MODEL AND WEIGHT OF THE ITEM YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO PLACE WHEELS ON. CONTACT PIANO SOLUTIONS AT: (317) 582-1946 *Some digital pianos require this dolly to be made with a deeper center plate (14”). This modified version of the is available at an additional cost. *Please identify the instrument brand and model when placing your order.

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