Dexibell Vivo SX7 Sound Module


All of the unique benefits of DEXIBELL technology but now in the best sound module ever designed, either for desktop or rack-mounted use.In beautiful ultra-compact aluminium body, weighting only 2 kg, the VIVO SX7 offers legendary high quality acoustic and electric pianos, also found in the DEXIBELL VIVO digital piano range.VIVO SX7 runs the most powerful operating system ever created for a musical instrument: the DEXIBELL OS 4.0 (called “AQUAVIVA”) with unique never-seen-before features.USB “Memory” port now also supports MIDI protocol meaning any keyboard, by any manufacturer, can be directly connected via USB without the presence of a computer. USB “Computer” port can now run MIDI data and digital audio at 24bit 48 KHz simultaneously.You can connect the VIVO SX7 directly to your computer to record and play MIDI and Audio data simultaneously without the need for an audio interface.The exclusive cutting-edge technology, called “True 2 Life” (or ‘T2L’ for short), used by DEXIBELL makes the VIVO SX7 part of a new revolution in musical instrument specifications thanks to its:– Unlimited Notes Polyphony.– 24 bit and 48Khz.– Over 15 seconds of Recorded Waves in 3D surround.– Combination of “Sampling and Modelling” technology with unique algorithms.The DSP effects power is huge on VIVO SX7, with the capability to run 6 simultaneous effects, 2 for each part, dedicated to simulate over 18 different effects.Sounds and Effects are designed for “seamless transition” during patch change or memory recalls avoiding any unwanted interruption of current Sound and Effect.The complete set of sounds found on the VIVO SX7, with over 80 sounds (list available in the Download section) at the very highest quality possible, reach an unbelievable level of tonal pureness.VIVO SX7 has a Wave Memory bank of 1.5 GB with the possibility to fully reconfigure the instrument using new sounds from the DEXIBELL library but also from standard “Sound Font” format files too, which are readily available online.VIVO SX7 is an extraordinary tool for the discerning musician requiring the very best sounds in an ultra-portable module.

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