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You’ll feel the difference from the very first notes you play. Realistic touch and response, paired with the unmistakable tone of the finest concert grand pianos ever made, the Clavinova delivers expressive capabilities and a dynamic range that redefines the standard for digital pianos today. Piano Solutions is an authorized dealer and service center for Yamaha Clavinova. Visit our showroom to play from among the largest selection from the CSP, CLP, and CVP Series of digital pianos.

Each Yamaha Clavinova comes with a matching bench, Yamaha's 5-year parts and labor warranty, and Piano Solutions’ Three-year Full Trade-up Guarantee.


CLP Series

The CLP Series features five models in a variety of attractive cabinet finishes. They represent a great option for the player or family looking for a piano that requires no maintenance, is compact yet provides the touch and sound of an acoustic upright piano. Models include: CLP735, CLP745, CLP765GP, CLP785 and CLP795GP.

CLP735 Clavinova

CLP795GP Clavinova Grand

CVP Series

The Clavinova CVP series features four full-feature digital ensemble models. A variety of interactive music entertainment, education, and performance features make these digital pianos just as enjoyable for beginners as they are for advanced pianists. A color screen makes operation easy and intuitive. Guide Lamps show which keys to play for the novice, while on-screen notation puts music in front of more experienced players. The models include the CVP805, CVP809, CVP809GP, and CVP701 and are available in a variety of finishes.

CVP805 Clavinova

CVP809GP Clavinova Grand

CSP Series

The Clavinova CSP—Clavinova Smart Pianist—teaches you how to play your favorite songs, right out of your music library! Stream Lights, exclusive to the CSP, move towards each key showing users which notes to play and when to play them. Users can adjust the speed at which they’re learning, as well as the difficulty of the piano arrangement as they improve. The CSP series features two models, the CSP150 and CSP170.

CSP170 Clavinova

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