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The SILENT Piano is made for those who desire the sound and feel of an authentic acoustic piano but need the flexibility to play whenever inspiration strikes. Simply connect headphones or speakers to enjoy the true feeling of an acoustic piano but with absolute control over ambient sound levels. When the piano is in SILENT mode, the hammers will not hit the strings, and instead, a high-quality grand piano sound is produced digitally, allowing you to play in complete privacy in any environment. Now you can play to your heart's content, wherever and whenever you like. Silent pianos are available in various upright and grand models and sizes:

Silent Uprights (b-, U- and YUS-Series) Available in sizes from 43" to 52"
Silent Grands (GB-, GC- and CX-Series) Available in sizes from 5' to 7'6"

b1 43" Console

GB1K 5' Grand shown in Polished Mahogany

C7X 7'6" Grand


An acoustic piano with volume control, or a digital piano with strings? Yamaha's latest innovation stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. As with the SILENT pianos, the TransAcoustic pianos are fully acoustic but have the ability to also be played as a digital piano, enhancing the playing experience by using all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify digitally generated sounds. Available TC models: b1, b2, and b3. TA models include:

Model U1TA3 - 48" TransAcoustic Upright

Model YUS1TA3 - 48" TransAcoustic Upright

Model YUS3TA3 and YUS5TA3 - 52" TransAcoustic Upright

Model GC1TA3 and C1XTA3 - 5'3" TransAcoustic Grand

Model C3XTA3 – 6’1” TransAcoustic Grand

YUS1TA 48" Professional Upright

GC1TA 5'3" Grand

SILENT Series and TransAcoustic pianos come with a matching bench, Yamaha's 10-year parts and labor warranty and Piano Solutions’ Lifetime Full Trade-up Guarantee. Pianos are fully prepped prior to delivery by an on-site technician, with a second complimentary on-site tuning within 60 days after delivery.


Yamaha’s AvantGrand looks like a traditional piano, albeit a bit smaller and lighter, and has the natural feel of an upright piano action, but its keys, however, activate fiber-optic sensors rather than strings, meaning that it never has to be tuned. And just like a digital piano, it has a volume button; perfect for private practicing. The AvantGrand Series of hybrid pianos features three upright models: the NU1X, N1X, and N2. The model N3X features a grand case.

NU1X AvantGrand

N3X AvantGrand

The AvantGrand Series pianos come with a matching bench, Yamaha's 5-year parts and labor warranty and Piano Solutions’ Three-year Full Trade-up Guarantee.

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