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Yamaha grand pianos boast ultra-responsive, balanced and consistent natural wood keyboards that translate every nuance of a performance.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection of baby grands are an ideal choice for smaller rooms and budgets. Models include the GB1K (5’), GC1M (5’3”) and GC2 (5’8”).

GB1K 5' Grand shown in Polished Mahogany

GC2 5'8" Grand

CX Series Collection

CX Series pianos are high-grade grand pianos, possessing both power and subtlety that makes these pianos highly desirable by serious pianists, as well as music schools and universities. The CX Series includes the C1X (5’3”), C2X (5’8”), C3X (6’1”), C5X (6’7”), C6X (7’), C7X (7’6”).

C2X 5'8" Grand shown with Chrome Accents

C6X 7' Grand

SX Series Premium Collection

Each SX Series piano is carefully crafted by seasoned piano technicians of exceptional skill and experience. The SX Series are the first pianos to incorporate Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, generating uniquely warm, deep and expressive instruments. The series includes the S3X (6’1”), S5X (6’7”), S6X (7’) and S7X (7’6”).

S7X 7'6" Grand

CF Series Premium Collection

The CF Series represents Yamaha’s highest end of handcrafted pianos and they are prominently featured in renowned venues and institutions worldwide. There are only three sizes produced and each piano takes 18 months to craft. The model line begins with the flagship 9’ CFX concert grand and includes the CF6 (7’) and CF4 (6’3”).

CF4 6'3" Grand

CFX 9' Concert Grand

Each Yamaha piano comes with a matching bench, Yamaha's 10-year parts and labor warranty and Piano Solutions’ Lifetime Full Trade-up Guarantee. Pianos are fully prepped and tuned prior to delivery by an on-site technician, with a second complimentary on-site tuning within 60 days after delivery.