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Exceptional. Elegant. Extraordinary.

Handmade and created in the finest tradition of over 300 years of piano crafting, these limited production pianos have their own distinct look, feel and personality.

As an authorized dealer and service center for Wm. Knabe pianos, Piano Solutions is pleased to offer a selection of pianos from each Series, the Baltimore, Academy, and Concert. The popular models we carry are the Baltimore Series WV115 45" Studio, and the Academy Series WMV121 48" Professional Upright. The WMV247 piano is built for institutional use, where structural integrity and musical performance must be at their highest.

Wm. Knabe pianos may also be ordered with the PianoDisc® player system factory-installed.

Upright Pianos

Baltimore Series

WV143 43" Continental Console

WV118H 46.5" Professional Upright

WV115 45" Studio

WV243F 43" French Provincial

WV243T 43" Traditional Console

Academy Series

WMV245 45" Studio

WMV247 47" Institutional Studio

WMV647F 47" French Provincial Console

WMV647T 47" Traditional Console

WMV121 48" Professional Upright

WMV132 52" Professional Upright

Concert Series

WKV118F 47" French Provinvial - Concert Series

WKV118R 47" Renaissance

WKV118T 47" Renaissance

WKV121 48" Professional Upright - With Sostenuto

WKV132 52" Professional Upright - With Sostenuto

Grand Pianos

Baltimore Series

The Baltimore Series features five model sizes ranging from 5’ to 6’1” and are available in Walnut and Mahogany finishes in addition to the Ebony High Polish.

WGS54 5'4" Classic Grand Piano

Academy Series

The Academy Series includes the WMG610 (5’9”), WMG660 (6’1”) ) and WFM700T (6’10”). Special finishes are available.

WMG610 5'9" Traditional Grand

WMG660 6'1" Traditional Grand

WFM700T 6'10" Traditional Grand

Concert Series

The Concert Series features 12 model sizes ranging from the 5’3” WKG53 to the 9’ concert grand WKG90.

WKG53M 5'3" Empire Grand

WKG58F 5'8" French Provincial Grand

WKG90 9' Concert Grand

Each Wm. Knabe piano comes with a matching bench, Knabe’s 10-year parts and labor warranty and Piano Solutions’ Lifetime Full Trade-up Guarantee. Pianos are fully prepped and tuned prior to delivery by an on-site technician, with a second complimentary onsite tuning within 60 days after delivery.