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Kawai Acoustic Hybrids begin with Kawai’s renowned grand and upright pianos that are equipped with digital technology, allowing them to operate as full-featured digital pianos that can be played silently with headphones. Dubbed the “AnyTime Pianos,” these hybrids are acoustic pianos that can be played anytime or anywhere without disturbing anyone.

In “Acoustic Mode,” AnyTime Pianos can be played in traditional fashion with full-bodied tone. In “AnyTime Mode,” the hammers never touch the strings. Instead, they activate digital components that produce Kawai’s award-winning digital piano tone through headphones. Ideal for apartment living or for homes where late night or early morning practice could disturb family members or neighbors, the AnyTime Pianos are the perfect hybrid solution for aspiring pianists who need “practice time” to be anytime.
Available models: K200-ATX3 and GL30-ATX2.

K200-ATX3 45" Hybrid Upright

GL30-ATX2 5'5" Hybrid Grand


The NEW K-300 AURES hybrid instrument is the latest and most advanced addition to Kawai’s class-leading line of hybrid instruments. Blending award-winning craftsmanship and performance of Kawai’s K-300 Professional Upright Piano and the advance operation and sound technology of the premiere Concert Artist Digital Pianos, the NEW AURES is the finest hybrid upright piano on the market today. Also available, the K-500 AURES.

K-300 AURES 48" Hybrid Upright


The NOVUS NV10S and NV5S encapsulate Kawai’s many acoustic and digital achievements, fusing tradition with technology to redefine the grand piano experience for players and audience members alike. The NV10 features the revolutionary Millennium III Hybrid Grand Piano Action based on the action found in Kawai’s premium grand pianos while the NV5 features the Millenniun III Hybrid Upright Piano Action with real damper mechanism. They also offer built-in Bluetooth® MIDI and audio connectivity, and a stunning 5” LCD touchscreen display embedded within the instrument’s left cheekblock. The strikingly beautiful polished cabinet gives pianists the impression of playing a professional grand piano while occupying less floor space than a standard upright.

NOVUS NV-5S Hybrid Digital Upright

NOVUS NV-10S Hybrid Digital Grand


With the Kawai CS11, great digital features merge with acoustic piano characteristics to create a beautiful and incredibly capable hybrid instrument. Part of the appeal of the CS11 comes from its stunning ebony polished cabinet… the same one used with Kawai’s K-200 Professional Upright Piano. A traditional leg and toe block design along with a classic fallboard evoke timeless tradition. The finish is made with durable polyester, the same material used in Kawai’s acoustic piano finishes.

CS11 41.3" Hybrid Digital


With Kawai’s advanced Soundboard Speaker System featuring an authentic wooden soundboard with upgraded 360-degree speaker diffuser panels, the CA99 Hybrid (successor to the award-winning CA98) delivers one of the finest grand piano experiences available in a digital instrument. It combines the industry-leading “Grand Feel III” wooden-key keyboard action with Kawai's stunning Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine (featuring multi-channel sampling and resonance modeling) and premium amplification and speaker technologies powered by Onkyo. Learn More

CA99 Hybrid Digital

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