We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of the first CARMEL ARTS RISING STAR music competition for our local kids!
The main mission of the competition is to motivate young musicians to discover and develop their special talents and give them an opportunity to perform and compete in a stress-free environment.
If your kids have never had an opportunity to participate in a competition, this is a great first chance! Or, if you are an experienced competitor - welcome! All participants will receive awards and diplomas and will be very proud of their accomplishments!

1. Solo
2. Duet/Ensemble (up to 6 people)

Voice competition – May 30th at Butler University Recital Hall
Piano Competition – June 6th at Butler University Recital Hall

Early bird: March 7th
Registration deadline: March 28th

Each student will receive a certificate and either a medal or a trophy.
Special prizes will be considered as they become available.
Limited registration need-based fee assistance is available.
Non-Competitive Division: Students who do not wish to participate in the competition may enter the non-competitive division. Students will be evaluated by the panel of judges and receive a participation recognition.

Visit the International Talent Academy website for more information and to register!