Whether you're an aspiring or accomplished pianist, you deserve a well-built instrument that is designed to produce exquisite tone. Haddorff pianos--available exclusively at Piano Solutions--combine heirloom quality craftsmanship with unexpected affordability. Providing a broad selection of models, Haddorff is the perfect choice to nurture a love of music at any age. 

In 1901, Swedish-born Charles Haddorff immigrated to America and founded The Haddorff Piano Company near Chicago. Haddorff pianos were quickly recognized for their quality workmanship, including an innovative soundboard design which provided better vibration and more accurate acoustics.

Over the years, the company grew into a large-scale manufacturer, building pianos for several other prominent piano brands. In total, more than 160,000 pianos were built before Kimball discontinued the Haddorff name in 1960. 

Recognizing customer needs for consistent touch and quality tone, comparably priced to used instruments, Piano Solutions reintroduced the Haddorff brand. By engaging the services of a leading manufacturer, new Haddorff pianos incorporate modern construction technology while retaining their legendary acoustic richness. 

Visit Piano Solutions today to see the complete Haddorff family of quality pianos including baby grand, medium grand, living room grand, performance size, home console and professional studio models.