A Piano’s Life

There are many wonderful people and stories that bring smiles to us here at Piano Solutions.  One of the most recent stories is about the life of a grand piano that had a distinctive voice and nimble keys.

The piano came to life for the first time in 1958 when musician and teacher Betty Lou Swentzel discovered it in a Hammond, Indiana, piano store. Betty Lou had found herself in need of a second piano for her music studio so that she could perform piano duos with her students. 

The new grand piano performed wonderfully and quickly became a treasured musical partner for more than 50 years. Betty Lou shared the piano with her most advanced students as they practiced difficult musical compositions on it. And, over the years, the piano became a regular part of an eight-handed piano playing team.

When Betty Lou recently downsized, it was time to part with her prized possession—which, really had become more like an old friend to her.

"I just hope that someone will find the same enjoyment I have found in this piano,” she said. “We’ve spent a lot of time together.”

The piano was brought to the service department at Piano Solutions where it was prepared and adjusted to allow it to perform at its best. Now it was time to find the new owner.

As luck (or fate!) would have it, another talented musician was searching for a grand piano to practice on at home. After several visits to Piano Solutions to “test-play” various pianos, one piano became the obvious choice—Betty Lou’s old friend.

“This piano has the tone and the action response that works for me,” said Eugenio Urrutia-Borlando, a Chilean born piano prodigy who travels the world as a concert performer and also teaches here in Indianapolis.

What makes this story even more special are the two people involved. When Eugenio learned the story behind the piano, he graciously let us record him playing to share with Betty Lou. Carol Goul, a close friend, showed Betty Lou the video clip. It affirmed for Betty Lou that her wish had come true. Her beloved instrument was in good hands.

“I didn’t shed tears when the piano was picked up, but when I saw and heard Eugenio play it, I was touched,” Betty Lou said. “I would say it was an experience something like your child getting married. It’s very moving. You know there are many years of happiness ahead.”

At Piano Solutions, we realize that there is more to a piano purchase than parts and pieces. There is a personality to a piano as unique as each of the people that come to find an instrument...or should we say, musical partner. Visit our showroom and enjoy a life enriched by music!

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