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The fine arts have become even more robust at historic Arsenal Tech with the recent installation of its state-of-the-art piano technology lab – one of the largest in Indiana!

Originally built as a U.S. Civil War Arsenal, Arsenal Tech opened as a public high school in 1912 and sits on a 76-acre campus giving the school it’s “university-like” setting. With more visual and performing arts offerings than any school in the IPS district, we are excited to witness the impact that a piano lab of this size and design will have on the school’s fine arts department and its 2,000+ students.

Piano Solutions is pleased to have been selected as the company of choice for this project. Our piano technology lab expertise provides for an all inclusive process, ensuring not only forethought to the design – by meeting with music educators, technology staff, and even architects – but our ability to provide service and support after the installation.

For information on how your school can obtain a student digital piano lab system, contact Piano Solutions at (317) 582-1946 or As an authorized dealer of the top brands, Piano Solutions is able to design and install piano labs with digital pianos from leading manufacturers, and, with our centralized location in the state, we are easily able to provide after-the-sale service and support, including loaner instruments and onsite repairs, if needed.