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Since the invention of the player piano, people have loved having the ability to take advantage of having live piano music in their homes. While the days of the piano roll players are fading into the past, the Yamaha Disklavier player piano is becoming the most advanced and musically sensitive player piano in homes and institutions today.  Reaching up to 1,024 levels of key velocity sensitivity, it’s as if the performer were right there in the room with you.

But what else does it do? Pianists and composers around the world are seeking to answer that question and push the piano to its limits (which are still to be reached.)

Dan Tepfer is one such pianist/composer. He is an extremely talented French-American jazz pianist and composer with an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics and a masters degree in Jazz Piano that comes from a very accomplished family, his mother an opera singer and his father a biologist. As a jazz pianist, Tepfer thrives off of imporvisation and interaction with other musicians. As a composer, he is always asking what can be done next.

Get a glimpse into his mind and the potential of the Yamaha Disklavier piano in this video:

Read more about Dan Tepfer and his music here:

Video Credit: NPR