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At Piano Solutions we enjoy matching people, families and institutions with the perfect instrument to meet their needs. Our desire to establish relationships rather than simply sell a piano, has led to some very rewarding experiences over the years. Most recent was being part of young Madeleine’s birthday surprise.

Madeleine has been playing piano for a few years and her parents elected to surprise her with a piano for her eleventh birthday. They came in and pre-selected three pianos that met their requirements. Then, this past weekend, with balloons streaming from each of the three pianos, they brought Madeleine in allowing her to make her own selection from among the three.

Our entire staff—along with her grandparents, piano teacher and four siblings—delighted in watching her sit and play each of the pianos and make her own decision about touch, tone and playability.

It is truly rewarding to meet families that promote music and the fine arts as a priority within their homes. We feel confident that, with Madeleine being the eldest of five children, this piano is going to get a lot of use.

Thank you, Pack family, for allowing us to play a role in Madeleine’s special day!