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We’re passionate about supporting local community arts events and pleased to partner with the Carmel Arts Council by hosting its Young Performers Showcase and providing a digital piano door prize to one lucky winner. In its 19th season, this year 107 participants competed in six age categories. Nearly $4,000 in cash prizes was given away.

The Young Performers Showcase began in 1998 as an opportunity for local youth to perform before an audience and to encourage their participation in the instrumental arts. Excelling in the instrumental arts requires patience, discipline, and confidence. The Showcase allows the performers an opportunity to practice these skills and display their talent in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Young Performers Showcase Winners (as reported by the Carmel Arts Council):

1st & 2nd Grade Division         TEACHER

1st Michael Pu                            Chun Chi An

2nd Oliva Zhou                            Irina Gorin

3rd Prudence Peng                     Tatyana Komarova

3rd & 4th Grade Division

1st Catherine Yang                       Esther Moy

2nd Connor Lee                            Ada Shebanova

3rd Katherine Wang                      Irina Gorin

5th & 6th Grade Division

1st Ankita Dey                                Ed Moy

2nd Helena Wang                           Esther Moy

3rd Sophia Prabhu-Hensley            Irina Gorin

7th & 8th Grade Division

1st Katerina Folkin                         Irina Gorin

2nd Gyeongmin Seo                      Soojin Joo

3rd Chenyao liu                              Irina Gorin

9th & 10th Grade Division

1st Grace Tubbs                              Irina Gorin

2nd Chendi Liu                                Irina Gorin

3rd Nicholas Myrick                        Becky O’Connor

11th & 12th Grade Division

1st Sophie Wang                          Ed Moy

2nd Nadine Templeton                 Ada Shebanova

3rd Leo Soyfer                             Lyudmila Yermolayeva