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The Piano Solutions team is excited to welcome Yamaha guru and the “Technology Guy” for The Piano Guys, Craig Knudsen, when he visits our store as part of the 2018 Disklavier Discovery Tour on July 10 at 7:00pm.

Six of The Piano Guys’ most popular viral videos move out from the screen, to be experienced for the first time as simultaneous television and “live” piano performances in the homes of Disklavier owners around the globe, including the Disklavier at Piano Solutions!

These DisklavierTV performances, as they are known, put a bright spotlight on both the amazing talent of The Piano Guys and the Yamaha Disklavier, the world’s most technologically advanced piano. The Disklavier is a remarkable high-tech reproducing piano that can transmit highly-nuanced performance data – the actual keystrokes and subtle gradations of pedal movement – between similarly equipped instruments over the Internet. As an artist performs, their precise note-for-note performance data is captured, then streamed to similarly equipped remote instruments anywhere in the world, where it is recreated exactly as the artist originally intended.

Come “discover” the Disklavier and hear Knudsen describe how he programmed several unique keyboard animations to give the performances a visual impact never before experienced on a piano. This free event begins at 7:00pm. RSVP to Seth Jines at