Sell Your Piano

At Piano Solutions, we make it easy to sell or consign your piano. We access each piano for potential purchase on a case-by-case basis.

  • Click here to download the form providing us information about your piano. There’s no obligation involved with the inquiry.
  • Email the form back to us at (scans and photos of the form work fine).
  • We’ll get back with you within one business day regarding how we’re able to help you with your piano.

Over the years we’ve found that It can be difficult to advise a potential seller that their piano has little or no value - especially when it has an emotional value to that person. But, unfortunately, there are some pianos that no longer have value in the piano marketplace. Apart from a few exceptions, most spinets, older upright pianos, and roll-style player pianos are difficult to sell. 

Be certain to include photos of the piano!

We're able to assist you best if the images include a wide shot, a photo of the piano’s interior, and a close-up of the keys and brand name.